MDCKIDS Recreational Dance

MDCKIDS Showcase Millennium Pittsburgh
MDCKIDS Dance Program
Kids Ballet Dance Class Millennium Pittsburgh

Our MDCKIDS program provides recreational dance classes for younger students, ages 2-15, who are looking to develop a foundation in dance and have a blast!  These programs are part of our recreational track here at MDCP and are designed to give students exposure to different styles of dance within an hour or two of class each week.  Classes will focus on helping our younger dancers develop proper technique, coordination, rhythm, and musicality in various styles of dance.  Dancers in the program will also learn choreography throughout the year that they will perform in an end-of-the-year studio showcase.

Program Highlights:

  • Positive atmosphere that fosters personal growth among our students
  • Opportunities for students to develop skills in a team setting
  • Manageable time commitment
  • Affordable tuition and costume fees
  • Highly skilled staff and instructors to make the year both educational and enjoyable.

Program Dress Code: 

For MDCKIDS classes, we do follow a dress code to help ensure that all students are prepared for class each week.  Required leotards, tights, shoes, and any additional items can be ordered through our convenient online Dress Code Store.  Some items may also be available for purchase at the studio.  A full dress code list will be provided upon registration.  The dress code will be enforced starting the third week of the Fall session.

  • For ballet, jazz or tap classes, all students will be required to wear a specific leotard, pink ballet tights, and proper ballet shoes.  For girls, hair must be pulled into a ballet bun and secured with hair pins.
  • For hip hop classes, students should wear comfortable clothing that allows them to move freely.  There are no required apparel items for hip hop classes, but students are required to wear clean, dry sneakers or tennis shoes for all classes. Students will not be permitted to take class in socks or bare feet.


Have some questions? Please call the studio at 412-315-7900 between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m., M-F, and a studio representative will be happy to help!

Class Schedule: Fall-Spring 2018-2019