Jungle Boogie

Jungle Boogie is a crew established in 2009 at MTV’s season 5 Americas Best Dance Crew audition.  This crew broke barriers by proving to the world that the south had talent.  Coming in 4th in the nation, this crew made an oath to make a lane for dancers everyone, to be more than dancers, but to be entertainers and artist

Jungle Boogie Crew is best known for their unique dancing techniques.  “They pride themselves on their southern “Cranking” style and are on a mission to become kings and queen of the dance jungle.  Their dance style uses big movements to cover the dance floor.  The members of the crew embrace their “animalistic moves” accompanied by their individual animal alter egos.  There are 5 males, 1 female, and a 10 year old boy in the animal inspired crew.

The dance crew made their mark on randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew, season 5.  Since the hit MTV show Jungle Boogie Crew has continued to expand their resume with performances including Disney’s Shake it Up, Old Navy’s Gobblepalooza Dance Campaign and working with choreographers such as Fatima Robinson, Chuck Maldonado, Rozero Mccoy, Tabitha and Napoleon.  Members of the crew were featured throughout a number of motion pictures including Disney’s “Let it Shine”, “Pitch Perfect”, and “Joyful Noise.”
In 2012 Jungle Boogie reached new heights when they were asked to perform as artist on The Scream Tour. This crew is making a lane for dancers to be entertainers as well as artist.  This was a platform for their “animal instinct” movement.  They now perform one of many sets based off the movement and actions of animals.  The first being inspired my monkeys.  Jungle Boogie is known for beating their chest.  This signifies their love and passion for dance.

This crew is now embarking on a journey to expand their brand into a series of shows.  Their first show entitled “Cargo” communicates the world of apes through rhythmic expression.  This is a start of  the true meaning of their name Jungle Boogie.  This lane is bringing a new wave of entertainment through animalistic movement.

Jungle Boogie Crew went beyond the dance floor to promote awareness with MTV’s Get Yourself Tested Campaign, as well as starting their Jungle Boogie Foundation.  Through this foundation they thrive off community service.  Giving back to the community is very important to this crew.  Jungle Boogie Crew plays a very influential part in many Georgia communities. They offer youth dance workshops, master classes, and continues to be advocates for youth following their dreams in dance.  In the upcoming years the crew plans to continue traveling across the country displaying their tremendous talent inspired by animal instincts.  Jungle Boogie Crew is familiar with giving their new fans what they want and are admired for their performance charisma.