Chris Casper Lupis

Chris “Casper” Lupis has more than 20 years of experience in the field of entertainment and performance. His first exposure to the stage began when he joined his high school step team, Chi Theta Omega. Along with this, he became a DJ/MC and dancer at corporate events hosted by J&R Productions. Shortly after graduating high school, Casper was offered a position as a dance instructor, thus leading to a prestigious career in the field of choreography.

From there he began to dance with several groups including Under A Groove, which allowed Casper to train with some of the world’s most talented choreographers. Internationally, he began expanding his creativity and was given the opportunity to choreograph a hip hop/step show for Movie Park located in Dusseldorf, Germany. Doors continued to open all around him including clients such as: The Orlando Magic Dancers, Tyra Banks, Nike and numerous professional and college dance teams around the country. Currently you can see Casper’s work at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios located in Orlando, Florida. Disney Channel Rocks, Mix ‘n Mingle and A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas are three shows that have successfully caught the eye of thousands and are still running today.

Aside from choreographing shows, Casper has been actively involved as a hip hop instructor and MC for nationally renowned dance conventions such as Intrigue Dance Intensive and Pro Dance. Currently, Casper continues to develop his skills by teaching Master Classes throughout the country. “It is an amazing experience to teach these classes and see how others interpret and express my choreography”. When asked what he’d like to do next, he simply says, “I’d like to share my dancing with students around the world”.