Schedule and instructors are subject to change. Drop-in classes are open to all dancers ages 10 and up unless otherwise listed.  If you are new to the studio, please create your New Student Account here.

About our class levels:

Beginner: Geared toward dancers with little or no dance training.  The focus of these classes is on development of technique, musicality and rhythm.  If choreography is taught during a beginner or basic class, it will be taught at a slow pace, allowing time for students to grasp the movement and style.

Intermediate: Geared toward dancers who have a strong grasp on their technique and terminology. These dancers should be able to pick up choreography quickly and execute movement taught at a moderate pace.

Advanced: Geared toward dancers with significant experience and a mastery of technique and terminology. Dancers in advanced classes should be able to pick up, retain and execute choreography with precision and style.  Combos in these classes  are taught at a fast pace.

Basic Adult: Specifically designed for beginner dancers, ages 16 and up, and are taught with a focus on development of technique, musicality and rhythm. These classes are great for former dancers who are looking to get back into the studio or first time students looking for a stress reliever, fun environment, and great workout.

What do students think of the class experience at MDCP?

I took two classes last night and let me just say, that’s why I dance! That hip hop class was fire and on top of it all I had the time of my life! Congrats on a great studio and continuing the renowned Millennium name!!

Cody P.

From the moment you walk in you feel welcome! Helpful staff, talented instructors, and ability to indulge in diverse dance styles – my daughter loved the first day of Winter Intensive and can’t wait to go back.

Tammy J.

I went to my first hip hop class yesterday with friends and family and we had a ball…. The instructor was great…. And we are ready yo go back!

Candace H.

This was my first real dance class in over 8 years. I loved it. Can’t wait to go back and try different classes.

Lisa S.

Just took my first classes and the staff does an incredible job making you feel welcome and ensuring each person gets proper instruction. More than reasonable rates for college students as well!

Victoria S.

The instructors are amazing. I’ve only been attending for a couple weeks and Millennium is the real deal.

Antwan H.