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The Value of Private Lessons

Once kids get started with something, they are seriously hooked. This can range everywhere from toddlers with a new favorite hobby to teenagers with a lifelong passion. For example, introducing your kids to Private Swimming lessons might have kick-started their love of swimming and competing in the water. Your little one probably has a natural […]

Happy National Youth Confidence Day!

October 20th marks National Youth Confidence day. This holiday is dedicated to encouraging children and young adults that they have the energy and potential to be who they are! At Millennium Dance Complex of Pittsburgh, we love seeing how dance can support students to be confident and sure of themselves. Our entire team of instructors […]

Back to School, Back to Dance

Fall Into Dance Classes this Season! It’s easy to keep active during the summer season – the temperature feels good and it’s likely that you’re outside adventuring more than you are sitting at home. However, as the school season picks back up in the fall, it can be harder to stay active outside. Don’t fall […]

How to Prepare for Conventions

You’ve been waiting for this moment all summer and now it’s finally here – convention season! Conventions are a great way to meet other aspiring dancers, gain confidence and resilience, and also learn from some of the most inspiring professionals in the industry. However, if you’ve never been to one, a dance convention can be […]

Backstage Faculty Feature: Elise Gillum

Name: Elise Gillum Role at MDCP: Company Program Ballet Teacher What do you go by during class: Ms. Elise or Elise When did you start dancing? I started dancing at the age of 4. What do you love most about dance? I love that dancing is universal, and it can be shared with anyone in […]

5 Reasons to Take a Dance Class This August

Sometimes summer can be all about carefree relaxing before the rest of the world catches up. Maybe that means sitting down with a book, but maybe that means looking for something fun to do. Between school, work, family, soccer games, you name it, it can be hard to find some quality you time. That’s MDC […]

Backstage Faculty Feature: Cameron Boyd

Name: Cameron Boyd Role at MDCP: Instructor and Dancer What do you go by during class: Cam When did you start dancing? I started dancing as soon as I could walk—watching people like Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire, and foundational hip hop movers. I began formally training at seven. What do you love most about dance? […]

How To: Fall Enrollment

Millennium Pittsburgh offers a diverse schedule of drop-in classes throughout the year. During the school year, we also offer enrollment classes for younger students who are seeking structured training that will help them progress through various levels and styles of dance. Millennium offers enrollment classes for students starting at age two and our program tracks […]

How To: Prepare for Your First Enrollment Class

Our enrollment students become an important part of our dance family here at Millennium.  To ensure that all students have a wonderful, positive experience in each class, we ask that all students and parents prepare for the season by reviewing our Enrollment Class Policies. Here are some important things to keep in mind before grabbing […]