The Value of Private Lessons

Private Dance Lessons - Millennium Dance Complex | Pittsburgh, Pa.

Once kids get started with something, they are seriously hooked. This can range everywhere from toddlers with a new favorite hobby to teenagers with a lifelong passion. For example, introducing your kids to Private Swimming lessons might have kick-started their love of swimming and competing in the water. Your little one probably has a natural love for moving and shaking what you gave them. Are private dance classes the next logical step?

Keeping them active and engaged in something like dance has plenty of benefits to their confidence and a great outlet for energy. In addition to increasing fitness levels, dance classes for kids also help with better posture, creativity, balance, and flexibility. Studies have found that dancing can help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. Getting more involved in a specific dance form or gaining expertise on technique can only help a child’s focus and wellbeing.

So when is it a good time to start private lessons? It’s actually ideal to start up private lessons early on for a dance lover. Getting that specific attention at an young age is the best way not only to refine their skills, but gain a deeper appreciation for their favorite activity.

One of the biggest benefits of private lessons is that they are customized for the student. While group classes are wonderfully social and collaborative, instructors don’t have the same level of time to spend on each student individually. Private dance lessons give a one-on-one relationship between and a student and a dance professional. With that dedicated time and attention, the class is shaped around what the student needs.

Progress is at your child’s pace. With private instruction, they can see their dancing skills improve drastically faster than in general classes, or they can take a step back to master things in more detail.

Maybe one of your children loves dance, another is dedicated to their little league team. The beauty of private lessons is that they can be scheduled with flexibility. Group classes often have a set schedule, but individual classes can often be more convenient to your calendar. Millennium Dance Complex offers a range of session lengths from 30 minutes to 90 minutes that fit into whatever wiggle room in your busy week.

Private lessons can be individual or in group environments year-round. If your jitter bug or budding professional are looking to start private lessons, check out MDC Private Lessons to get started!