Happy National Youth Confidence Day!

National Youth Confidence Day - Millennium Dance Complex | Pittsburgh, Pa.

October 20th marks National Youth Confidence day. This holiday is dedicated to encouraging children and young adults that they have the energy and potential to be who they are!

At Millennium Dance Complex of Pittsburgh, we love seeing how dance can support students to be confident and sure of themselves. Our entire team of instructors are dedicated to guiding today’s youth. We love giving them all the knowledge and skills that we can to not only help their technique, but help their self-esteem.

Dance is a known confidence booster, but other ways to maintain confidence is by keeping positivity around you and to try new things! Maybe you know a young person in your life who loves cooking. Take them to try a new food. If you know someone who doesn’t know their talent yet, now’s the time to experience a little bit of everything.

Regardless of skill level, the more a kid tries something out, the more prepared they are to take on new obstacles in life. By engaging in young people, you are improving their confidence, which is what this whole day is about! See what others are doing to celebrate young achievements by checking out the #NationalYouthConfidenceDay hashtag or @Confidentgirlmentoring.