Back to School, Back to Dance

Fall Into Dance Classes this Season!

It’s easy to keep active during the summer season – the temperature feels good and it’s likely that you’re outside adventuring more than you are sitting at home. However, as the school season picks back up in the fall, it can be harder to stay active outside.

Don’t fall into the trap of coming home from school and doing nothing. Get moving! Millennium Dance Complex has a bunch of courses to get you moving this fall – including classes for all ages!

Classes for Kids This Fall

Our MDCKIDS program provides recreational dance classes for younger students, ages 2-15, who are looking to develop a foundation in dance and have a blast!

  • Creative Movement (Ages 2-3)
  • Ballet (Ages 4-5)
  • Hip Hop (Ages 4-5)
  • Ballet (Ages 6-8)
  • Hip Hop (Ages 6-8)
  • Ballet (Ages 9+)
  • Hip Hop (Ages 9+)
  • Boys Hip Hop (Ages 7+)

Each class is designed to give students exposure to different styles of dance within an hour or two of class each week. Classes will focus on helping our younger dancers develop proper technique, coordination, rhythm, and musicality in various styles of dance.

Dancers in the program will also learn choreography throughout the year that they will perform in an end-of-the-year studio showcase.


Ballet is usually the first dance class that students take as ballet training is the cornerstone of most genres of dance. Ballet allows the students the fundamentals of dance and most importantly technique. Students will have the ability to apply what they learn in ballet – technique, poise, and posture – in other dance classes.

Hip Hop

The Hip Hop style classes draw from the latest trends in street dancing and are set to current music. The key takeaways from hip hop classes is that it teaches kids isolation and how to move their body rhythmically. It also gives them the opportunity to express themselves through dance while challenging them to memorize intricate steps and tempo changes.

Drop In Classes for All

We also have a list of classes for you if you’re just looking to pop into a class this fall.

Intermediate & Advanced Leaps, Turns & Techniques (Ages 10+)

This class focuses solely on helping students develop better flexibility, technique and terminology. Students will enjoy a thorough warmup that includes stretching, conditioning and centre work before moving into across the floor progressions and turns.

Intermediate & Advanced Hip Hop (Ages 10+)

New combinations are taught in class each week and focus on musicality, dynamics, style, and transitions. Choreography will be taught at a moderate to fast pace and will include both slow and hard-hitting movement.

Basic Adult Contemporary Jazz (Ages 16+)

Basic Adult Contemporary Jazz works on different elements of movement in center, across the floor, and in combinations. Class always begins with a warm up that will help elongate and stretch the muscles, as well as condition and tone the body.

Burlesque (Ages 16+)

This class is designed for students to feel empowered and tap into their sexy, sassy side. Class begins with a warm up followed by across the floor exercises of strutting and getting comfortable with our bodies. Each week a routine is taught (preferably in heels), allowing students to let go in a judgement free environment while being surrounded by amazing, strong people! This class is about YOU, so bring some friends, lipstick, heels and let’s have some fun!

Stretching & Conditioning (Ages 10+)

Stretching and Conditioning is open to all students regardless of their dance training level. This 60-minute class is a non-stop full body workout. Class incorporates elements of yoga, Pilates, floor barre, balance work and more to help students elongate and tone their muscles for the ultimate dancer’s body. You will leave class feeling recharged, refreshed, and strong.

Basic Adult Ballet (Ages 16+)

This basic class is designed to get you back to the barre to focus on developing or maintaining technique, burning calories and toning muscles to achieve a lean dancer’s body. Class includes barre and center work plus across the floor progressions that can be done at your own pace. Instructors for this class are great at teaching to the various levels of students in the class!

Intermediate & Advanced Contemporary (Ages 10+)

This class is designed for dancers who have at least an intermediate level of ability established in lyrical and jazz movement. Class will include a warmup, technical movement, progressions, and choreography that will be taught at a moderate to fast pace. This is a great class for dancers looking to challenge themselves technically and stylistically.

Basic Adult Theatre Jazz (Ages 16+)

Basic Adult Theatre Jazz is an hour long jazz class that begins with a warmup rooted in beginner level traditional jazz technique as well as stretching, conditioning, and cardio. Warmup is followed by a combo that will always be set to a song from a Broadway musical. Light acting is included in the combination.

Intermediate & Advanced Jazz Funk (Ages 10+)

Jazz Funk is a hybrid class designed to include jazz, hip hop styles of dance to challenge each dancer’s overall versatility. The instructor will teach choreography that incorporates slow and fast movement and technical progressions. This class is appropriate for all dancers seeking a stylistic challenge.

Beginner Hip Hop (Ages 10+)

This beginner class is just that… designed for dancers who are new to hip hop and want to achieve a basic understanding of the fundamentals. This class will incorporate beginner technique, progressions to develop rhythm and musicality, and choreography taught at a slower pace. This class is ideal for those who need to incorporate hip hop into their dance training. No experience is needed!

Beginner Contemporary (Ages 10+)

Beginner Contemporary is designed to help dancers gain confidence in this style of dance through a moderate pace class that focuses on technique and basic lyrical style choreography. This is a great class for hip hop, jazz, ballet, tap or other style dancers who are looking to break into contemporary dance. It is also ideal for dancers wishing to improve their performance quality in this genre of dance or those wanting to get back into contemporary dance.

There is so much to do at Millennium this fall that boredom won’t even cross your mind. Check out our website for drop-in class schedules and for more information on enrollment classes.