5 Reasons to Take a Dance Class This August

Sometimes summer can be all about carefree relaxing before the rest of the world catches up. Maybe that means sitting down with a book, but maybe that means looking for something fun to do. Between school, work, family, soccer games, you name it, it can be hard to find some quality you time.

That’s MDC comes in! Dance classes are offered year-round at Pittsburgh’s local dance company, and this summer is one of the best times to try it out! Get out of the hot sun and sweat out all of your worries learning something new. You’ll get fun workout, meet new people, and feel great! Here are just some of the top reasons to sign up for a class today.

1. Obviously, They Have Great Benefits to Your Health
As mentioned, dancing is fantastic exercise for almost every part of your body! You will sweat, you will feel muscles wake up, and you’ll feel energized! It’s one of those activities that can give you a great cardio work out without feeling like you’re working out, you’re just having fun.

2. They Can Be Your Next Favorite Stress Reliever
One of the biggest reasons people look for something new to try or something to add to their schedule is to shake it up (literally and figuratively). Having the same day everyday gets boring, and puts you in a funk. If you’re moving around, feeling like your week is broken up, you’re bound to forget your stresses. Maybe you’re need to get out of your own head to stop from thinking about summer almost being over!

3. They Are Social
Dancing classes are all about learning and having some fun as a group. Depending on the dance style, you will be meeting a large room of energetic and friendly people learning along with you. There’s definitely laughing involved with your new dance skills. Not to mention, the life of any party is always a good dancer. No time like the present to get some moves for your cousin’s wedding this fall.

4. You Can Do Them at Any Age or Experience Level
You don’t have to be a gymnast in their prime youth to dance. You can find a class for any experience level, even if that means starting 100% fresh. Some dance styles require more agility than others, but no matter what you choose, your age is only a number. Millennium has something for everyone!

5. They Fit into Any Schedule
Sometimes you can feel like adding an activity to your already busy schedule might be a bad idea. Dance classes aren’t the case! You can plan your classes to work with your day to day obligations or even drop in when you feel like it! See MDC’s full Drop-In Schedule to see all the different class options going on right in town.