Backstage Faculty Feature: Alexis Bomer

Name: Alexis Bomer
Dance Instructor

What do you go by during class:

I go by Lex or Miss Lex for my little ones.

When did you start dancing?

I started tap dancing around 5 years old and introduced more styles through the years!

What do you love most about dance?

What I love most about dance is I feel 100% myself when I dance. It’s when I feel most confident and can express all of the feelings I can’t always voice.

When did you start teaching at Millennium and how is it different from other studios?

I started subbing classes at Millennium about 3 years ago, which progressed to me getting my own classes every week! I’m so happy to be a part of the Millennium staff because it is the most diverse, welcoming, and organized studio I’ve ever been a part of. The amount of different classes and instructors ensures all students can find their place and the classes that are best for them!!

What are your classes like?

I teach a couple very different classes style wise, but I believe that all of my students leave feeling they’ve learned something and had some fun! I start all of my classes with warm fit to the students and style, sometimes go across the floor to get moving and practice some basics, and then finish with a piece of choreography that’s slightly challenging to the class and unique to me. I pride myself on making sure all of my students feel important and that they’ve got the most from class, so whether that means encouraging words or individual corrections I make sure to provide whatever they need!

Describe the craziest dance experience you’ve had – other instructors you’ve met or people you’ve performed with?

If it weren’t for Millennium I wouldn’t be the dancer/instructor I am today or know some of my closest friends. Myself and those friends have experienced a lot of crazy things with dance that wouldn’t trade for anything. One of the craziest was dancing in a music video handcuffed! We did a whole piece over and over chained together for many long hours, something I never thought would happen!

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone thinking about taking a class at Millennium, what would it be?

The best price of advice I could give to someone who’s thinking about dancing at Millennium would be be open and hold on to what makes you want to dance!! Everyone at millennium will encourage growth and trying something new! Take as many chances as you can in life and never stop moving!!