Drop-in classes are open to dancers ages 10+; Basic Adult and Burlesque classes are open to dancers ages 16+. Single dance classes and Class Cards can be purchased online.  College students or dancers with their SAG/AFTRA cards must purchase their classes in the studio to receive the discounted rate.  All other promotions and discounted or group rates will only be offered at the Front Desk.

All dancers are expected to follow the rules and regulations outlined in our Studio Protocol.  Failure to do so may result in removal from class. at all times.

Note: Schedule subject to change.

Class Levels:

Advanced : Geared toward dancers with significant experience and a mastery of technique and terminology. Dancers in advanced classes should be able to pick up, retain and execute choreography with precision and style.  Combos in these classes  are taught at a fast pace.

Intermediate : Geared toward dancers who have a strong grasp on their technique and terminology. These dancers should be able to pick up choreography quickly and execute movement taught at a moderate pace.

Beginner : Geared toward dancers with little or no dance training.  The focus of these classes is on development of technique, musicality and rhythm.  If choreography is taught during a beginner or basic class, it will be taught at a slow pace, allowing time for students to grasp the movement and style.

Basic Adult : Who says dancing has to stop when we hit 18? These classes are open to all dancers, ages 16 and up, and are taught at a beginner pace with a focus on development of technique, musicality and rhythm. These classes are great for former dancers who are looking to get back into the studio or first time students looking for a stress reliever, fun environment, and great workout.

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